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2018 Summer Construction


Federal Aid Projects

Other Primary Road Projects

  • Cochran Road, Baseline to Bellevue (Brookfield Township)
  • Mt. Hope Highway, Cochran to M-100 (Oneida Township)
  • Five Point Highway, Curtis to Young (Kalamo Township)
  • Hartel Road, Kinsel to I-69 (Benton Township)
  • Hartel Road, Island to Kinsel (Eaton Township)
  • Ivan Street, Mall Drive South to Elmwood (Delta Township)
  • Love Highway, Pease to Bellevue village limit (Bellevue Township)
  • Pierson Highway, Snow to Sanders (Delta Township)
  • Plains Highway, Waverly to Eaton Rapids city limit (Eaton Rapids Township)
  • Royston Road, Bellevue to Five Point (Hamlin Township)
  • Sanders Road, Pierson to Millett (Delta Township)
  • Snow Road, Mt. Hope to its end (Delta Township)
  • St. Joe Highway, Snow to Waverly (Delta Township)
  • Windsor Highway, Lansing to Eugene (Windsor Township)

    Local Road Millage Program