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Cochran Road, from Baseline Hwy to Bellevue Highway

Updated: April 2, 2019

Scheduled Start Date:  April 22, 2019

Estimated Completion Date:  Mid-August, 2019

Description: This project will include trenching along the road, placing material to construct a sub-base for paved shoulders, placing sand and gravel for the shoulder base, and crushing and shaping the existing road. After the road is widened, it will be paved and gravel shoulders will be placed.

The Eaton County Road Commission awarded the widening and crush and shape to the low bid of $518,130 from Hunter-Prell Co. Lakeland Asphalt was awarded the bid for the paving.

The Eaton County Road Commission will pay 100% of the costs on this project.

During construction, the road will be closed to thru traffic, but access will be maintained to all driveways. Mailboxes will be temporarily relocated to Butterfield Hwy east of Cochran Rd. After the project is complete, mailboxes will be reinstalled at the original location along Cochran Road.

The Eaton County Road Commission will have an inspector on site for the duration of the project. The inspector will be driving a red Eaton County Road Commission truck.

Contact: Mathew Hannahs, P.E. | 517-543-1630 ext. 207

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