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Board of Road Commissioners


The Eaton County Road Commission is governed by State law and includes a Board of five road commissioners who do not serve certain districts, but represent all people of the County of Eaton.  In 2008, the Road Commission Board was expanded from a three-member board to a five-member board by the Eaton County Board of Commissioners.  Later, in 2011, the Eaton County Board of Commissioners passes a resolution to reduce the number of Road Commissioners to three, by attrition.  Again in 2014, the Eaton County Board of Commissioners expanded the Road Commission Board to five members.  Road Commissioners in Eaton County are appointed to a six-year term of office.

Jerry L. Frazier, Member
Term Expires 12-31-2022



Benjamin S. Lyons, Chair
Term Expires 12-31-2020


Mr. Lyons has been a resident of Eaton county for twenty years.  Two of those years in Windsor Township, the remaining eighteen years in Eaton Rapids Township.  He joined the Road Commission in 2009.  Mr. Lyons has eighteen years of experience in the construction industry, both building trades and road building.  He know works as a Business Agent for the Laborer's International Union.  In addition, he holds a trustee seat with the Greater Lansing Labor Council.


Duane A. Eldred, Member
Term Expires 12-31-2025







Timothy J. Lamoreaux, Vice-Chair
Term Expires 12-31-2022

Mr. Lamoreaux is a resident of the City of Charlotte and joined the Road Commission in 1999.  Mr. Lamoreaux graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Construction Management.  He brings thirty-six years of experience as a highway construction inspector, surveyor, right of way buyer and appraiser, with the Michigan Department of Transportation.



Lauren K. Aitch, Member
Term Expires:  12-31-2025